Pastel Goth Style

Want to become a Pastel Goth?

To become a Pastel Goth unlike most other alternative styles around, too many piercings and tattoos are avoided going for a more clean & cute look. Pastel goths normally only have the most elegant tattoos on show to switch the focus onto the hair, clothing and awesome chunky looking boots. Follow the steps below we’ve gathered to become a cute Pastel Goth.

Pastel Goth Barbie


Coloring your hair can be one of the most important steps in pulling of the Patel Goth look. There are simply tonnes of choices when it comes to dyeing your hair pastel but here are some of the main choices used:

Lilac Color  Lilac

Lilac Hair Color

Lavender Color  Lavender

Katy Perry Hair Color

Mint Color Mint

green mint hair color

Baby Blue Color Baby blue

Baby Blue Hair

Baby Pink Color Baby pink

Baby Pink Hair

Or a combination

Pastel Goth Hairstyle


Pastel Goth makeup is normally matte. You can either use a good powder or matte foundation to achieve the look. Bare eyes with a good quality black eye liner on top and white eye liner on the bottom are very common among many pastel goths preparation. Of course many pastel colors can also be used if you choose to apply eye shadow for example but the key is keeping it looking clean and pure so be careful not to overdo it. Dark colored lipsticks such as deep purple and black can also greatly enhance your pastel goth style but be sure to blend and not over contrast your makeup. Heavy bronzers are not recommended.

Pastel Goth Makeup


Skulls and crosses play a prominent part of any Pastel Goth’s style and can be incorporated into button up blouses, t-shirts, skirts, over sized sweaters, black jackets and many more clothing and accessories. Along with Skulls and cross designs, studs and spikes also play a big part of the Pastel Goth look giving it some real edge by adding them to black jackets, sweater cuffs and other areas such as the bottom of dip dyed shorts. Below we’ve assorting an awesome collection of Pastel Goth clothing ideas for some inspiration.

Pastel goth pink hair

Pastel Goth Clothing


The best kind of shoes to go with your Pastel Goth look are big chunky leather boots and platforms or alternatively creepers will be a great addition. Tonnes of spikes and studs covering the boots will help them look unique and unusual color laces or skull pendants added to your Pastel goth boots will make them look awesome!

Spiked Heels Gif Pastel Goth Shoes

Pastel Goth Leather Boots

Spiked Platform Shoes


Their are simply tonnes of Jewelry pieces that can go with your Pastel Goth style and the main idea when deciding what to include in your look depends entirely on what you wear. Your clothing, hair color and choice of shoes can all help you pick the perfect piece of pastel goth jewelry. Below are some cool examples of how other pastel girls have incorporated jewelry into their look.

Pastel Goth Jewelry

Pastel Goth Ring

Pastel Goth Girls


Normally Pastel Goths try not to overdo piercings as this can really steal focus from the look you are trying to create. Subtle nose, lip and septum piercings can work best as they blend into the style and still give a clean and pure feel. Here are some cute piercings we’ve come across.

Pastel Goth Piercing

Pastel Goth Piercings


Tattoos can make or break your look as the wrong style of tattoo can really take away all the effort you’ve put into your clothing, shoes and accessories. Cute,small tattoos will always work best although larger tattoo sleeves can work providing they are based around skulls, crosses or give some added edge to the style.

Pastel Goth Tattoo

Pastel Goth Tattoos

Pastel Goth Pink Hair

Create A Tumblr

 Nearly every pastel goth you will come across online use Tumblr on a regular basis. Its an online blogging platform in which you can share all your pictures and re-blog others posts and come well known in the pastel community. Create a profile and make it look awesome with a cute theme and follow other pastel goths to get even more clothing and accessory ideas!

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